Wednesday, October 31, 2012


New Look, Christian Dior 1947

Hi everyone! 
I've been to the exhibition which I talked about in my previous post: 
the Fabulous Fifties. It was a-ma-zing! There were a couple of halls 
and every hall showed a different aspect of the fashion during the fifties. 
The outfits looked so elegant and feminine, it's a great inspiration for me. 
I would really recommand this exhibition  to anyone who is interested in 
fashion or the fifties. 

By the way, yesterday I started a facebook page about my photography: 
Gotcha Photography. Take a look if you want, and click on the 'Like' button 
here on the right side of my blog! You would make me very happy! :)

New Look, Christian Dior

New Look, Christian Dior


You can visit the exhibition in 'Het Gemeentemuseum' in The Hague

Monday, October 1, 2012


Hey everyone! 
It has been a while since my last post. The last couple of months a lot has changed in my life. 
I decided to quit my study Graphic Design and Illustration.. It was a difficult dicision, but also 
a good one. I love being creative, but it's not always easy with the pressure on it. I also missed 
my previous study, so I decided to go back there and finish it. But that doesn't mean I'm going 
to stop being creative. Contrary, I really want to keep on drawing and photographing for fun! 
So that will be the new goal of this blog: to keep me stimulated and motivated to go on. I also 
want to be aware of what you guys are doing :) Thanks to the people who kept sending me 
messages these months! I'm really going to miss my friends in Groningen, the city where I 
studied. But I'm also happy to go back to Amsterdam next year, my favorite city! 

And for the Dutch readers, I saw on today that there's an amazing exhibition coming: 
Fabulous Fifties. It's about fashion and fashion icons during the fifties ├índ fashion nowaways 
that's inspired by the fifties. It will be exhibited in The Hague, in the Gemeentemuseum, from 
6 October to 13 February. I'm definitely going! What about you? Let me know!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Left: my friend May     Right: Audrey Hepburn

Left: Brigitte Bardot     Right: Sophia Loren

Left: My sister Lotte     Right: Doris Day

Left: Grace Kelly     Right: My friend Karlijn

Left: Jean Patchett     Right: Elizabeth Taylor

Left: My cousin Dionne      Right: Marilyn Monroe

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hey everyone!
For the subject Graphic Design I have to make my own calendar. 
I have chosen for the theme fifties (ofcourse) and I would like to 
show  you a preview of what I've been working on! 
This is a shoot with my sister in the lead. I wanted to imitate the 
women from the fifties, with beautiful dresses and nice hair. 
Within two weeks I have to finish this project, and then 
I will show you the whole calendar! Hope you like it!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Hi guys! Last week I received this amazing retro owl ring from Oasap
I really like te colour coppery, it combines so easy! And ofcourse the 
owl looks very cute. I'm very happy with it! What do you think?
By the way, thanks to everybody who left a sweet comment at my 
previous post! You made me and my sister so happy! :) Have a nice day!

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