Tuesday, April 17, 2012


When I bought my first camera, I decided to follow a course for beginners. During the course we had to
 photograph all kinds of subjects: architecture, animals, sports, nature, portraits. The last subject hit me the
 most: portraits. I think photographing portraits is the biggest challenge, because people don't stand still. You
 can't just drop a person the way you want and make a photo of it and you can't always take the time you
 need. But all these things make it also more exciting to shoot a portrait. To practice, I asked my friends if 
they wanted to model for me. 
One of my first shoots was with my good friend May. These photos were made last summer. I wanted to
 make pure portraits, but I also wanted to show her character: sweet and joyful.
The photos were made with a Pentax-Km camera and a telephoto lens. 
I hope you enjoy!

X Kirsten

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